We seek to prevent and alleviate

the effects of poverty on the residents of Frederick County.

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Making a Difference

In 1981, community leaders recognized that there were people suffering and asked local faith congregations to address homelessness in Frederick County. The most vulnerable in our community were not able to meet their own basic needs – emergency shelter being the most critical. These congregations responded by forming the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs.

Over four decades, The Religious Coalition has continued to move our neighbors from crisis and despair to hope. We offer the County’s only two emergency shelter programs, provide healthcare, dental, and energy assistance to people and families in need, and work to prevent homelessness from becoming a reality.

Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency Logo
Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency Logo

Emergency Shelter Programs

The Religious Coalition operates the Alan P. Linton, Jr. Emergency Shelter for adults and an Emergency Family Shelter.


Homeless Prevention

We offer financial support for security deposits, eviction prevention, and energy assistance.


Healthcare Programs

We provide financial assistance for prescriptions and dental procedures through our partnerships with local pharmacies and local dentists.


Rental Assistance Program

We provide rental assistance to those facing eviction.

"I am so thankful that the Coalition was here to help me with the security deposit for my new apartment. I have finally found a place to live that I can afford on my minimum wage salary. I have been saving to be able to pay my rent, but was not able to save for the security deposit.”


— From A Client Who Received Assistance for a Security Depost

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