Christmas Assistance Program

Provide Families with the joy of Christmas this year.

If you need financial assistance to put gifts under the tree this December, we may be able to help. If you would like to help make Christmas special for our families in need, donate a gift card today!

To Apply

In-person applications are currently being accepted. Appointments must be made in advance by calling 301-631-2670, extension 125.

Appointments are held at our offices
27 Degrange St. Frederick, MD 21701.

You must bring all required documentation with you to your appointment. If you have already applied with the Salvation Army you are not eligible to apply with The Religious Coalition.

Please be respectful of our volunteers and keep the appointment time you’ve set up. Program Contact Person: Sheila Current, 301-631-2670, extension 125.

View the Required Documentation Below

1. Documentation for Applicant’s Household
  • Applicant Identification (for all adults 18 and older living in the household)
  • Proof of Frederick County Residency (i.e., utility bill with current address)
  • Pay Stubs or proof of monthly income for all working adults in the household
  • Monthly Statements for Lease/Mortgage/Statement of Benefits from the Housing Authority
  • Proof of Expenses/Bills – provide monthly statement or Bank Statement with Provider’s name and amount paid
  • Proof of Unemployment
2. Documentation for each Child in household
  • Birth Certificate (for each of the children in the household) – or one of the following with date
    of birth included:
    • Medicaid care with date of birth
    • School ID for 2021-2022 school year
    • Passport

Clothing Sizes for Each Child (0-12 years-old)

  • Shoe
  • Pants
  • Shirt
  • Coat
  • Special “Wishlist” item (i.e., bicycle, skateboard, etc.). Please note that we do not provide electronic devices
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