After Shelter Programs

With a helping hand, our clients can start rebuilding.

We see tears of frustration and desperation daily, but also tears of joy.  There are women and men that come into our shelters with nowhere else to turn, having come out of incarceration or other dangerous situations.  But they slowly create their own triumphs: they get a job, they work with our case managers, they grow and find stability.  Our clients overcome addictions and mental health issues, they escape domestic violence – they better themselves.

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After the Storm

After the Storm is a one-year rehousing program to support people who are transitioning from the shelter programs to permanent housing. Clients who have secured a lease and permanent housing and have completed shelter program requirements receive continued Case management support; ongoing budget coaching, possible security deposit assistance, rental, energy, and/or prescription assistance, family mentoring and training courses, and a car referral through Second Chance Garage.  

If you have questions about the After the Storm Program, contact:

Melanie Williams, Director of Emergency Family Shelter
301-631-2670 ext. 116

Welcome Home

The Welcome Home program provides household amenities, like furniture and household goods, to those moving into housing that may not be able to afford these items themselves. 

To learn more about donating items click here.


If you have questions about the Welcome Home Program, contact:

 Kavonte Duckett, Director of Alan P. Linton, Jr.  Emergency Shelter
301-631-2670 x 114

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